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We are proud to offer you two more kind of Italian charms: Custom Laser charms and Custom Photo charms. First, we'd like to tell you about our Laser charms.
Our Laser charms are unique because words, symbols, etc. can be engraved into a stainless steel backing by way of a high tech laser-etching machine. Because the artwork is laser engraved, it will never come off. Aside from what we have to offer in the way of laser engraved choices in our website catalog, you have the option to create a personal custom etching. For an added price, you can have a special saying or your company's logo etched onto your charm!
You can also choose the type of charm and starter bracelet you wish to have your message engraved onto. We offer a polished edge with gold frame design or the traditional stainless steel matte finish look. Also, besides having a design engraved onto a charm, we are capable of engraving your personal message onto a key chain and other products. The second additions we are now offering to our customers are our Custom Photo charms. Some examples of photo charms that people have created are a newborn's face, your sweetheart, and your family pet!

Custom Color Laser Italian Charms

Italian Charm Bracelets is proud to introduce a cutting edge technology that enables us to engraved colored images onto our charms! Before this process was only patented oversea, it has now made its way to the United States, making the charm market much larger! This state of the art technology creates beautiful, high quality images in just seconds. The custom color laser-etching machine can create four different kinds of processes, which can be combined within each other. For instance, you are able to have a nicely rendered logo on a charm with your company’s name engraved in color next to it. Or, if you wanted to put your newborn’s picture with his or her birth date on a charm, it can be done with the finest quality possible. The four processes that the laser can achieve are white, black, multi-color, and fine line text curves.


Custom Charms : 122 items
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Item: Black and Gold Custom Name and Name Laser Charm V.1
Item: Custom Laser Charm
$15.95 $12.99
Item: Custom Loves Custom Laser Charm
Item: Custom You Are My Love
Item: I (your text here) Bush
Item: 13mm Custom Photo Charm
Item: 2006 Graduation Cap and Diploma Photo Charm
Item: Alabama License Plate Custom Charm
Item: Alaska License Plate Custom Charm
Item: Arizona License Plate Custom Charm
Item: Arkansas License Plate Custom Charm
Item: Black and White Baby and Parent's Hands Custom Photo Charm
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At our shop we offer many Custom Charms items at wholesale discount prices and will amaze you with our added features to make your shopping experience the best it can be. Choose from over 5,000 link of italian charms, including black cat, black stone ring, white gold charm bracelet, heavy gram white gold charm bracelets, white gold graduation charms, baby girl italian charm, italian charms babysitter, silver baby charms, american flag watch hands charm, praying hands icon, photo of praying hands, custom italian photo charms, custom charm, custom laser zoppini, silver photo frame charms and megalinks.

We carefully select our module to ensure you get the finest quality money can buy. In addition, our unique, shopper friendly approach to product presentation makes shopping for italian charm online quick and simple. For your security, we offer a secured server where you enter your personal information so you can shop safely.

Thank you for shopping with us; your business is greatly appreciated. We stand behind what we sell and are dedicated to personal service.

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